Published on: May 8th, 2019

Position: Cryptographer

Full-time position (2 positions available)

Location: Manassas, VA


  • Develop mathematical or statistical models of phenomena or rules, theories, and concepts to be used for analysis or for computational simulation and improve existing systems for the company; 
  • Identifying weaknesses and then designing robust security systems and develop computational methods for solving problems that would occur in order to negate those risks and fix errors, to enable these systems to adapt to new hardware; 
  • Applying mathematical theories and techniques to the solution of practical problems in business, engineering, the sciences and provide the implications of the varied encryption techniques available with a deep understanding of mathematics and statistical modeling techniques; 
  • Testing cryptology theories in practice according to the company needs and leading in the development of code, software tools and third party products that will provide your company with encryption technology; 
  • Test, debug, analyze and troubleshoot errors in software systems of moderate to significant complexity; 
  • Coordinate with Chief Technical Officer, engineers, programmers and other systems analysts to design company system; 
  • Manage data system by storing, retrieving, and processing data to accurately measure system capabilities and requirements; 
  • Create cyber security systems based on advanced modern cryptography algorithms; 
  • Design new applications or systems and ensure that they run and work properly; 
  • Provide development of encryption technology, training and enhancement of IT security and interpret data and report conclusions drawn from their analyses and use data analysis to support and improve business decisions;
  • Develop mathematical, statistical models and new systems to analyze data and provide technical support to other team members or partners, advising them how to implement more secure encryption and on cutting edge cryptic methods and their application within such encrypted systems;
  • Maintain knowledge in the field of high security encrypted tech such as ASP.NET, SQL in order to be able to implement state of the art encryption solutions into the company; 
  • Use various system software tools to gather and consolidate date in MS SQL Database for further analysis;

Qualification Requirements:

Utilize knowledge of .NET/ASP.NET Databases, Java, JavaScript, SQL, C#, MVC, .Net Web Services.  

Required experience/education:

  • At least 60 months of experience in Cryptographer, Computer Engineer, Programmer and other related.
  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Informatics System, Software Engineering and all related. 


To be determined at the job interview. Please send your detailed resume and cover letter to [email protected].