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way to secure your apps

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  • Encrypted communication

    Live in safety! Use encryption to communicate securely with two or more participants.

  • Perfect forward secrecy

    Virgil Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) is designed to prevent a possibly compromised long-term secret key from affecting the confidentiality of past communications.

  • Passwordless authentication

    Use Virgil Auth to let a user log into your application without a password.

  • Encrypted storage

    It is very easy to encrypt data for secure storage in the Cloud and requires only a few steps.

  • Data integrity

    Use Virgil to verify the integrity of data at any point.

Secure by default with
Virgil Security

Build strong data security, authentication and trust management, no matter the programming language into your app or device.

use cases

More encryption, less code

Virgil offers five ways to secure your data. Choose a use case that fits your scenario..

Better security with less code

You are a creator, and security usually isn’t a part of the creation process. Our robust, scalable, and flexible integrations eliminate needless complexity and bloated programs. In a couple of minutes, Virgil takes the thought of security off your hands.

  • Next Gen Security Everywhere

    Add the security without being an expert yourself.

  • Encrypt Data at Rest & in Transit

    All data should be secure all the time.

  • Verify Identities

    Identity made simple and without passwords.

  • Implement Security in Minutes

    We support the platforms & languages you love.

Set up in seconds, integrate in minutes

Seamless Key Management + Crypto Lib. Start in minutes.
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