Virgil Security Partnering with Nexmo to Deliver End-to-end Encrypted Messaging

Virgil Security Partnering with Nexmo to Deliver End-to-end Encrypted Messaging

Rebecca Yarbrough — October 30th, 2018

Virgil Security is partnering with Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, to make it easy to build end-to-end encrypted applications with Nexmo In-App Messaging and Virgil's Open Source SDK and Key Management. Developers will soon be able to create a secure yet feature-rich chat experience for their mobile application with Nexmo using simple security blocks.

Virgil Security’s SDK powers hundreds of apps and IoT products, and will enable Nexmo customers to protect their users’ privacy with end-to-end encryption like that used by messaging apps WhatsApp and Telegram. Nexmo In-App Messaging offers a multi-platform, feature-rich, messaging SDK that enables developers to create a branded chat experience on their mobile or web apps.

In the coming weeks, Virgil Security will be releasing ready-to-use sample apps and code snippets to allow developers to easily use the Virgil Security SDK to implement end-to-end encrypted chat within Nexmo In-App messaging in hours. Sign up for product updates below.

Sometimes developers have to choose between security and usability, but they no longer need to with this partnership between Virgil Security and Nexmo.

What is end-to-end encryption?

End-to-end encryption is a cryptographic technique that secures data so that only the message originators and recipients have the ability to decrypt and read it. In contrast to standard web security mechanisms that encrypt data only in transit and/or in the database, end-to-end encryption eliminates any gaps along the way and keeps the data encrypted at all times. Only the verified recipient can decrypt the message. Anyone else, including Nexmo, Virgil Security, telecom providers, Internet providers, or eavesdroppers, will only see undecipherable gibberish and not the actual user data.

When should I use end-to-end encryption?

By default, Nexmo In-App Messaging is already encrypted in transit with HTTPS. End-to-end encryption is an additional layer of security designed to protect users and the people holding their data. Most data breaches aren’t caused by weak infrastructure security, but by human action or mistakes made anywhere from the front-end server to ISP to client device. With end-to-end encryption, those inevitable mistakes and bad decisions won’t be as costly because the encrypted data won’t be exposed in the case of a system breach. And Nexmo developers won’t have to trust third parties to protect their own users’ data. Implementing data security with end-to-end encryption complements the other security mechanisms that Nexmo already has in place.

Additionally, certain market sectors such as finance, healthcare, and education must adhere to regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR that require heightened security when transmitting or storing certain types of data. Depending on the regulatory atmosphere of your industry or geography, HTTPS alone may not be sufficient.

Further, consumers and Chief Security Officers are looking for modern applications that are immune to data breaches. For developers building In-App Messaging with Nexmo, the ability to layer on end-to-end encryption creates a strong value proposition.

Now, the customer experience can be even more streamlined without sacrificing security or privacy.

Both Virgil Security and Nexmo offer native SDKs for iOS, Android and web. In the coming weeks, Virgil Security will release easy-to-use sample apps and tutorials for end-to-end encrypted Nexmo In-App Messaging. Join Virgil’s dedicated Slack channel to stay updated on new Nexmo-related releases.

Note: Nexmo In-App Messaging is still in developer preview. We’re interested in promoting live implementations of end-to-end encrypted Nexmo In-App Messaging with the Virgil Crypto SDK. If you’re interested in exposure for your project, contact us on Slack.

Nexmo, the Vonage API Platform, provides tools for voice, messaging and verification, allowing developers to easily embed innovative programmable communications into mobile apps, websites and business systems on a global scale. Learn more at

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