Data Lockdown Summit

Data Lockdown Summit

Rebecca Yarbrough — July 5th, 2019

We at Virgil Security, Inc. know that developers are working hard to implement security in their applications, especially in the areas of GDPR, HIPAA, and financial services. To train developers and exchange ideas around application security, we cordially invite you to a Security Summit with Virgil Security at our office in Kyiv, Ukraine.

When:  July 9-12 from 10 AM-5 PM each day Where: Arkhitektora Horodetskoho St, 10/1, office 41, Kyiv, Ukraine, 0100

Hosting the event will be Alexey Ermishkin, Chief Product Security Officer at Virgil Security, Inc. and co-author of the NoiseSocket protocol. Alexey, who needs no introduction as an expert in the field of cryptography and data security, will present detailed seminars on the following topics:

Day 1:

  1. Ciphers
  2. Symmetric encryption in the real world
  3. Encryption with authentication
  4. Other types of symmetric encryption

Day 2

  1. Asymmetric cryptography
  2. Key exchange algorithms
  3. Digital signature
  4. Elliptic curves

Day 3

  1. Transport layer protocols
  2. Protocols for messengers
  3. Protocols for IoT

Space is limited so to secure your place, please RSVP at [email protected]