On the loop: The best WWDC in years

On the loop: The best WWDC in years

Matheus Cardoso — June 28th, 2019

Early this month, as is the custom, thousands of developers did their yearly migration to San Jose for Apple's WWDC to witness the biggest batch of software and hardware announcements from the Cupertino giant. We couldn't miss out on being there, of course.

We were next-door at AltConf to hear the latest news and present our tech to the developers and founders from around the globe building exciting applications for a variety of industries, including medical and financial.

Everyone was inspired by Apple's doubling down on security in their opening Keynote and Platforms State of the Union presentations. From their watch's new health app that takes unintelligible snapshots of audio to warn the user of potential hearing loss to their new "Sign in with Apple" authentication method, which we are super excited to support once it's available, Apple has once again made privacy and security a central theme of their keynote.

"We at Apple believe that privacy is a fundamental human right."

- Tim Cook

In addition to these features, Apple has built into their new iOS 13 features that allow better understanding of apps' usage of your location data, policies that prevent apps from scanning Bluetooth and WiFi devices in order to infer a your location, as well as a new option of allowing apps to use location data just once and requiring them to ask again next time.

Every year alongside WWDC, AltConf is hosted next-door as an event made by the community for the community. From streams of WWDC sessions to community talks ranging from technical subjects such as SwiftNIO to business subjects such as Subscription business models, AltConf is packed with things to learn and people to meet. As with last year, we could not miss out on attending this year's conference.

This time we demonstrated to AltConf attendees the power of our Open Source Crypto that is the backbone of our security products and how it makes feasible for developers to build secure medical applications while protecting themselves from fines and their users from having their sensitive healthcare data exposed. All this without the need for a million dollar budget. This tech powers e3kit, our robust and simple answer to the complexity of building end-to-end encryption.

Want to know more?

Explore Virgil Security’s tools for HIPAA compliance here. Developers can sign up for a free Virgil Security account and learn how to implement end-to-end encryption and PureKit use cases here in the documentation.

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